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Candidate Testimonials

The following are testimonials extracted from candidates’ communication. Due to data-protection legislation, we cannot disclose full contact information; however, we can provide more details upon request and only with the consent of the data subject.

  • This is a small note to say, that I am leaving to take on a new job although still for the EU – at the EU Delegation to the UN in New York. Without all your kind support, guidance and trust this would have not been possible. Thank you very much for giving me these great London opportunities

    Bilingual Budget and Treasury Assistant - German speaker

  • Payment was in full and on time. A. is an extremely professional project manager and went out of her way to help. Highly recommended.

    Freelance Translator - Mandarin speaker

  • In addition, I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for your all your help since I started, an even before, working for LRS. You have been always patience, professional, thoughtful and, what is more important, extremely nice. 

    Scientific Administrator - Spanish speaker

  • I was in touch with LRS and was hired by a Tech Company in December 2017. My consultant was always available during the process (Even while on holidays!) and has been a great support from the beginning until the end. I keep a good professional relationship with LRS and would recommend their services!  

    Tech Recruiter - French speaker

  • My consultant provided a great recruitment service. Great communicator, very high-energy, one could not have been more helpful. I would recommend LRS 100%!

    Talent Acquisition Specialist - English speaker

  • During my hiring process I got in contact with LRS and my consultant provided a quick and professional service with useful feedbacks.

    Fraud Analyst - Turkish speaker

  • My consultant has been very helpful and professional throughout the application process, I would definitely advocate LRS’s recruitment services!  

    Digital Content Executive - German speaker

  • I enjoyed the interview and the process and even if the end result was not what we expected maybe it was for the best. It was a good experience and also your support through the interview has been amazing.

    Financial Accountant - Italian speaker

  • Thank you for your help and support with securing this new job. You’re a great Recruiter!

    Customer Service Team Leader - French speaker

  • Several people had recommended LRS to me because of their professionalism and, I must say, this is what struck me immediately. My consultant was very friendly. She interviewed me and tested my skills properly. All the interviews I had thanks to LRS were for interesting for companies well-known all over the world, like the one I am working for at the moment.  I also liked the atmosphere and the approach of LRS. I find that they tend to build a personal relationship with you because they keep in touch with you regularly and they are always ready to help you. In short they do not forget you.  

    Banking Secretary - Italian speaker

  • I would also like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you for always being so pleasant and helpful. I was very wary of temp agencies before I came to LRS and did not like them a great deal. However, after my six months with you I would not have minded being a temp for the rest of my life!  

    Secretary - Spanish speaker

  • Having come back from a fabulous year spent working in Quebec, the whole prospect of finding a job over here was a daunting one. I contacted LRS to see if they could help me in my quest. Literally a few days later I received a call telling me my CV was of particular interest to them as a position had come up within an Investment Bank in the City in which I would be required to us me French every day. Ideal I thought! At this point I would have to confess that I was particularly astonished as to the rapidness of their response.  By the end of the week I had been to a number of interviews with the company. On the Friday morning, LRS called rang to say that I had been invited back for another final interview and as a result, they told me that I could start on the following Monday.  I felt compelled to go and thank all concerned. My reception was extremely welcoming and was almost as enthusiastic as mine was on hearing the news! All in all, I would say that they provided me with the break that I had been looking for all summer and for that I am grateful. Now I'm 7 weeks in and and absolutely loving the role, the people and using my language all the time.  

    Banking Assistant - French speaker

  • I was looking for a new job involving both my administrative and language skills and this is why I turned to LRS. The most important thing was the personal contact with my consultant from the agency. She called me regularly about my career progression. Thanks to these conversations, she grew to know me as a person and could therefore assess whether a job would be suitable for me. I was more than just a number in an agencies computer. LRS did not overlook the fact that a candidate's character can be as important as their skills and this made the difference. I am now very happy with my new job in the city found through LRS.  

    Legal Secretary - French speaker

  • Coming to London to look for a job was a huge step for me but right from the first phone call LRS put me at my ease, giving me friendly and professional advice on career options.  Throughout the whole selection process, nothing was too much trouble for LRS. Thanks to their guidance, I am now about to embark on an exciting new career in London. I cannot praise them highly enough.  

    Call Center Specialist - German speaker

  • I came to London to find a job where I could use my languages and my PC skills. LRS called me to register. The very next day (almost unbelievable but true!), I got an interview with my future employer!  The consultants are friendly, kind and patient. The agency is highly efficient and reliable. But the most important thing is that they are all committed to meeting your own wishes and requirements. Perfect!  

    Office Manager - Russian speaker

  • The job I have is the second since I graduated from University and both this position and my previous one are through Language Recruitment Services. The reason why my choice was LRS is that from the very first meeting with my consultant, I had complete confidence that the agency would help me find a job that I would enjoy.  I have not been disappointed. Besides the fact that I have an enjoyable job, LRS has always offered support and assistance and showed interest in my progression.  

    Account Manager - German speaker

  • Out of the many agencies I joined since leaving University, LRS was one of the few that really tried to understand me when it came to choosing a job. My consultant had the right approach. She tried to find a job that I liked and that suited me and one that I would not leave after a few months. I will definitely be using LRS�s services again.  

    Export Administrator - English speaker

  • I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you for your good work. I was very impressed with the quality of candidates that you have sent me and with the pleasant and efficient service provided by all members of staff that I had a chance to speak to. In particular, I wish to stress what a star my consultant is. Without a proper job description, she managed to grasp exactly the kind of person I was looking for. I am looking forward to dealing with you in future whenever we have a vacant position.

    Client - Chemical Industry

  • Thank you, M! I did want to say a big thank you for all your help and support in getting me this job. If I find myself unemployed again in the future, I'll be coming straight back to LRS :)

    Purchasing Administrator - German speaker

  • Thank you for this email and more importantly thank you for all your hard work that allowed me to get this position I am very happy, and I know it would not have been possible without you. I have been in touch with a lot of recruiter over the years, but I have to say not many of them had the same energy, professionalism and dedication I have witness working with you. With heartfelt thanks”  

    Trilingual Sales Executive - French/Spanish speaker

  • I thank you so much for all you have done for me in these months of exchange of CVs and JDs. I am very well within my current role, which I consider an amazing professional experience.

    Scientific Administrator - Italian speaker

  • I wanted to first of all thank you and the LRS team for your incredible support during the past year, making my assignment professional joy.  

    Scientific Administrator - French/Portuguese speaker

  • Thanks for your help, you've both been extremely proactive and definitely the best experience I've had with recruiters!

    Senior Customer Service Advisor - Italian

  • That’s wonderful news! I am over all over the moon! I am honoured for having been offered this great opportunity of being part of their great team and accept all the below details (salary, starting date and job title).I also would like to thank you heartly for your support and great guidance throughout this recruitment process. I would recommend your agency and especially your support to everybody.​Thank you very much !​

    Bilingual HR coordinator - Luxury industry